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2016 Talks That Inspire

2016 Talks Event Archive


The Talks were presented at The Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe

Tony Lobl, CS – London, England

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The Speakers Were . . .

Larissa Snorek Yates

Tony Lobl, CS

London, England, UK — Higher education can be a life-changing experience for many. It was for me. I loved the adventure of my student days. Yet as my University experience drew to a close an entirely new and unsought adventure came my way when I was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This was “higher education” of another kind — a deep dive into the “the things of Spirit” and their practical applicability to every facet of life. The book also led me to read and love the Bible.

Led by an intuition not to pursue a conventional career, I wove voluntary work and various freelance roles into periods of time spent quietly studying the “textbooks of Christian Science” (Science and Health and the Bible). I quickly saw the potential of this completely spiritual system of healing when I was healed of recurring sinusitis without drugs and freed from a gambling addiction without counseling or peer group support. My passion became to share this powerful “divine Science” I benefited from with anyone seeking solutions to unmet needs.

From 1987 until today I feel I’ve been privileged to do just that through having hundreds of articles and numerous broadcasts circulated by The Christian Science Publishing Society and, since 2005, in my healing work as a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner.

More recently, in my role as District Manager of the Christian Science Committees on Publication in the UK and the Irish Republic, I’ve had dozens of pieces on spirituality and health published online by the Huffington Post UK, the Independent, the Guardian, the Washington Post and others, as well as appearing on regional and specialist radio shows.

While I feel right at home in the age of social media, I welcome the opportunity lecturing will provide — in person and online — to flesh out the kind of ideas I love to share through my writing.

I’ve previously given talks to academics researching the value of spirituality as well as those studying new religions and I’ve addressed doctors taking an MSc course in health policy management. These are some examples of the kind of “special audience” to have in mind if you are thinking of being in touch about lecturing possibilities. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to be in touch. I will welcome your inquiry.

Lois Carlson, CSB

Chicago, Illinois USA — After difficult teenage years, Lois Carlson felt an early call to the healing practice of Christian Science. At the end of her freshman year of college, she took the basic two-week course in Christian Science healing called Primary Class Instruction.  Her healing practice began in her college dorm. Her first healings of others included overcoming suicidal tendencies, drug addiction and sexual deviations. Many of these healings were recognized by the Dean of Women at her school who encouraged her to take her ministry seriously.

Convinced that her greatest service to mankind would be through politics and government, her first job out of college was in City Hall. Despite the joy of many creative projects, she found that prayer was the key ingredient in getting anything done. After two years she left government work for the full-time healing ministry.

What she loves about practicing Christian Science is seeing the shift in thought as people move from points of view too small for them to the wider arenas of thought that are natural to the image and likeness of God. She has found with her own healings that addressing collective belief protects her from self-absorption and keeps her engaged in her healing practice even if dealing with unsolved problems of her own.

Her branch church membership has been an essential support to her spiritual growth. The commitment to serve has been overshadowed by the great blessing of friendship, learning to live in community and a happier mental outlook.

Lois lives in downtown Chicago with her husband Michael and her two cats Tony and Sadi

Patricia Woodard
David Hohle

Michelle Nanouche, CSB

Paris, France — Spirituality and the practice of prayer isn’t a lifestyle choice. It is basic to who I am. My family was introduced to Christian Science through my dad’s healing of acute depression. So, I was exposed to the idea that God heals sickness from an early age. At twelve, I prayed to God to heal my foot after impaling it on a rusty nail. Within moments of starting to pray, the pain stopped and the healing began. The wound was healed by the evening and I never had any ill effects — no problems with tetanus, infection or scarring. What had been a glowing ember of interest in all things relating to God was fanned to a full flame by this healing. Before I was out of high school I started training to be a Christian Science nurse.

Ten years of Christian Science nursing provided me with loads of experience in healing through spiritual means. By the time I opened my first public office as a Christian Science practitioner in 1989, I had witnessed a great number of healings through prayer. From personal experience, I can share accounts of healings of broken bones, tumors, pneumonia, eating disorders, heart disease, mental and emotional disorders, financial difficulties and more. I have observed in the practice of Christian Science that, no matter what is the condition or problem du jour, the simple example and teachings of Christ Jesus lead to the spiritual views of God and man that produce healing. Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures unlocks the treasure trove of the Bible that leads to a better understanding of God.

I have lectured throughout the US, in Europe and in Africa, on the subject of healing prayer, and was the point person for information on Christian Science to public authorities, the legislature and the media for several years in New Jersey, USA.

We met at The Beach Retreat and Lodge Tahoe

David Hohle