Sponsored by: First Church of Christ, Scientist – South Lake Tahoe

Spiritual Summit:

Healing Solutions
to Life’s Challenges

May 25, 2024 1pm – 4pm PDT
@ the Christian Science Church

2081 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA 96150








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Life from a spiritual perspective

Our goal in offering these summits to the community is to see life from a spiritual perspective, which can bring healing to physical, mental and relationship issues. In these talks, listeners are challenged to question the inevitability of mental and physical disease, age, and decline.

Through a deeper understanding of God, all can realize innate freedom and health. The speakers, both members of The Christian Science Board of Lectureship, will present ideas based on the Bible and the teachings of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. As we open thought to infinite possibilities, we find solutions to life’s problems.

Our Continued Gift to The Community

Inspired points of view that lead to more peace, health, and happiness in life. Donations to our Lecture Fund are always welcomed and can be sent to the church at:

2081 Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Treasurer and marked “Lecture Fund”.

Meet our 2024 Speakers

Nate Frederick, C.S.
Brookline, Massachusetts

Learn to pray and heal
(a spiritual adventure)

Experiencing first-hand the healing power of Love is Nate’s favorite thing.  It’s what makes him tick.

Nate studied religion and perennial philosophy at Hampshire College where he was introduced to Christian Science healing. Although he was enamored with the academic exploration of spirituality, what he truly desired most was to practice spirituality in a tangible way — he wanted to experience God and heal others.

After producing a documentary on miracles and traveling the world where he hiked extensively in the Himalayas, Nate came to Boston in 2008 to work for his church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Since then, he has served in many capacities, including launching and producing your Daily Lift podcast. Nate also helped pioneer the online Sunday School at The Mother Church; helped launch a branch church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts; worked as a counselor and wilderness trip leader for six years at a camp for Christian Scientists; has shared the Good News at jails, rehab centers and interfaith-events. He’s also composed, produced and performed a variety of spiritually inspired music.

Nate’s many hobbies include adventuring in the outdoors, writing songs and cooking. But he says, “Without comparison, my greatest love, my greatest joy— my purpose — is to transform lives and heal the sick through Christianly Scientific prayer.”

This deeper sense of purpose led Nate to become a full-time Christian Science practitioner, who helps others find healing. In his lectures, Nate enjoys sharing how, in his eyes, healing through prayer is life’s greatest adventure.

Lisa Troseth, C.S.B.
Rogers, Arkansas

Moving past fear – to healing

“What should I do with my life?” Lisa often wondered during her early twenties. She wasn’t sure where she was headed, but she was praying to be of service to humanity. That’s when it occurred to her: If we’re motivated by love in whatever we’re doing, even if our efforts seem small on the surface, then we’ll be living in accord with a power that genuinely makes a difference—the power of God, which the Bible says is Love itself.

At the time, she had begun to really open her heart to God and was learning from the study of Christian Science that the nature of our divine Creator is infinitely loving and we’re designed to express God’s love in beautiful and unique ways. It’s like each of us, including our daily endeavors, are made to be an artistic tapestry of divine Love.

This idea still inspires her each day to see and treat everyone she meets with love, to acknowledge their God-derived value, beauty, and uniqueness. Christian Science has shown Lisa how letting a truer sense of God’s all-defining love govern how we interact and genuinely care for each other actually leads the way to useful ideas and purposeful action, and improves society as a whole. Since her twenties, Lisa has seen how these views have led her and others in a variety of fruitful endeavors that bring genuine healing where it’s needed most.

Along the way, Lisa has worked with educational non-profits, contributed to community art events, participated in interfaith programs, and served as a Christian Science nurse. She is now in the full-time healing ministry as a Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and lecturer.

Featuring Music By

Andrew Brewis,
London, England

Becoming a writer and performer of hymns and inspirational Christian music is something that Andrew says really “found me”, and now it’s part of who he is. The more he writes, the more he discovers how music can spiritually prod and poke us: stirring, awakening and ultimately healing.

It brings blessings every day, and he loves few things more than being able to share these melodies, harmonies and healing messages with anyone who’ll listen.

Eight of his compositions have been published in the new Christian Science Hymnal used in churches all over the world. Andrew’s assessment of this achievement is that “it is as exciting as it is humbling”.

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