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2019 Talks That Inspire

HEALING SOLUTIONS TO LIFE’S CHALLENGES 2019 Held on Saturday, May 25, 2019.
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Talks that Inspire 2019 – Beth Packer, C.S.

Talks that Inspire 2019 – Fujiko Takai Signs, C.S.B.

Talks that Inspire 2019 – Nate Frederick, C.S.

Talks that Inspire 2019 – Q+A Session, All Speakers

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Fujiko Signs, C.S.B. – Tokyo, Japan

Fujiko comes to us from Tokyo, Japan and is a student, practitioner, and teacher of Christian Science. She is a former president of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Fujiko studies the relationship between prayer and healing, consciousness and reality, spirituality and wellbeing. Her job is to find out how we can free ourselves from various limitations.

While her husband’s job took Fujiko across the United States, she worked as a market research consultant for computer manufacturing companies and taught Japanese language and literature at community colleges and universities. She also taught dance to children.

In her mid-thirties, Fujiko fell ill and sought healing through different treatments, but none of them gave her a lasting cure. One day, to her surprise, she found that the healing of Christ Jesus was possible now and learnable. As soon as she started reading about this system of healing in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a respected American healer and religious leader, she was relieved from various symptoms that had limited her before. As she studied and learned more about Christian Science, she witnessed many healings within her family and circle of friends and eventually received requests to assist others with prayer.

After becoming a Christian Science practitioner, she was asked to talk with doctors and nurses about patients with a desire to practice non-traditional medicine, including prayer and meditation. She also volunteered in a community coalition in hopes of encouraging and enhancing communication between different faith groups that sought well-being in the community.

Beth Packer, C.S. – New South Wales, Australia

In her capacity as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, Beth has been invited to lecture around the world, talking with audiences in such diverse situations as the hallowed halls of London to the inmates in provincial prisons in Africa and Asia. All receive the same message of divine love and healing.

But it is through her practice of Christian Science healing that the words and ideas she shares in her talks are proven true. Beth says, “that if an idea is true, it is universal, impersonal and provable. Spiritual healing as recorded in the Bible is as available today as it was then. And the understanding Christian Science brings to us all, makes that healing accessible to everyone, everywhere, always to bring help and healing to our daily life.”

As a young child, growing up in a Christian Science family, she saw healing as a normal part of life. “Mum used to heal the cats and dogs and kids, whoever needed help, so we never thought of Christian healing as an unusual phenomena. It was just a sign that God loved us. From those early experiences came a deep wish that one day, I, too, would be able to help those around me know that love we had felt as children.”

After becoming an award-winning artist and mother of two girls, she and her own family moved overseas to live in the Middle East for a while, returning home to Australia to start a successful retail business and also become involved in many community welfare projects. Finally in 2005, she was accepted into the worldwide Journal of Christian Science Practitioners, entering the full-time healing practice. “It was those years of putting into practice the truths that I’d grown up with, of healing through prayer the difficulties that can arise in family and public life, that really prepared me to be able to be of real use to those around me. And now also being able to share the precious message of healing through lecturing, is a humbling, heartening, joyous privilege, as well as such an amazing adventure.

Nate Frederick, C.S. – Booth Bay, Maine, USA

Nate comes to us from Boothbay, Maine where he lives with his lovely wife and beautiful daughter. He is one of the many world-wide practitioners of Christian Science who dedicate their life to helping and healing humanity through enlightened, Christ-like thought and action. He is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Nate prayerfully works with individuals to overcome physical and mental problems through the power of universal Truth and Love. This includes addressing mental causes of dis-ease and eradicating discordant thoughts from consciousness. For Nate, it’s an unspeakable joy to witness people being healed mentally, morally and physically through Christian Science treatment. This treatment has no bad side effects; He recommends that everyone try it! I’m always happy to discuss the method and any questions that someone might have.

Nate was the originator of the Daily Lift, a series of inspirational messages available on-line and via telephone. He has published some of his healing experiences in the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel.

Nate’s other interests include hiking in far-flung places, cooking for dinner parties, playing music (including West African Ewe polyrhythmic music), sea-kayaking and generally enjoying family time.