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Held on Saturday, May 26, 2018.  See the presentations below!


Time Is Not A Factor In Your Life by David Hohle, C.S.B. – Chicago, IL

BREAKING NEWS: Freedom Is Ours Now by Patricia Woodard, C.S. – Dallas, TX

The Healing Power of Stillness by Larissa Snorek Yates, C.S. – Carlisle, MA

Talks that Inspire 2018 – Q&A Hohle Yates Woodard

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The Talks were given at The Beach Retreat and Lodge at Tahoe

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Presented by: Members & Friends of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist – So. Lake Tahoe, California

Meet the 2018 Speakers

Larissa Snorek-Yates, C.S. – Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA

Larissa Snorek Yates

It was the first time Lari felt so far outside of her comfort zone. She was in Paris and had just received news that the job and place to live that she thought she would have for the next few months had fallen through. With very little money remaining, no place to stay that night, and a return plane ticket for three months away, she needed to work to be able to afford the next semester of university tuition in the fall.

But Lari had just been reading this idea from Psalms, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit?…If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me”.  She glimpsed that there was no dark situation that the light of Christ—the inspiration that comes from God to each one of us—couldn’t penetrate. This was a transforming moment for Lari and it started her on a life-long journey to practice Christian Science healing and share it with others.

Her professional work began with opportunities in outdoor education, small claims court mediation, and human rights advocacy. In 2000, she moved to Vermont to attend graduate school and also opened an office as a practitioner of Christian Science healing. During the last 14 years, Lari served the Christian Science church in many capacities, including as First Reader, Sunday School teacher, media representative in the Manager’s office of Committees on Publication, State Committee on Publication for Vermont, and Africa Liaison for the International Service Department and the Christian Science Publishing Society. She facilitated workshops and gave talks in French and English in Africa, Europe, Canada and the U.S. Just prior to committing full-time to the practice of healing, Lari was teaching graduate students at the World Learning Institute where she received her Masters degree in sustainability and peace-building. The Institute focused on issues of social justice and community action, and she could see how relevant the ideas of Christian Science were to the challenges facing our world today.

Now she works full-time as a healing practitioner of Christian Science and makes herself available to lecture in French and English for any audience, including youth and webinar events. You can access her published writings at:  and

Lecture Title: The healing power of stillness


Patricia Cohan Woodard, C.S. – Dallas, Texas, USA

Patricia Woodard

Patricia discovered Christian Science as an adolescent and soon thereafter experienced the complete healing of a broken arm through Christian Science treatment, to the amazement of her mother, a Registered Nurse.

After college and a move to New York City, Patricia realized that she really wanted to teach and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Manhattanville College. Later, as a young mother, she took courses to become a teacher naturalist at an Audubon Center.

After numerous moves, and while a mother of two children, Patricia began working as a Christian Science Practitioner and has pursued a lifelong career of learning about God, sharing Truth, and witnessing God’s love for mankind.

She loves the “ah ha” moments that come to us, sometimes when we least expect it. Whether it’s been with her two little boys lifting a rock and finding a whole unexplored world of critters, or teaching Sunday School students learning more about God and who God has made them to be. “Ah ha” moments aren’t limited to children, and when they’re spiritually based they can lead to dramatic life changes. And that’s what’s happening when an individual is healed or a life is reformed through Christian Science.

Patricia has lived in six states in the U.S. and twice in São Paulo, Brazil, where she became fluent in Portuguese. Each new culture and environment has taught her more about God, universal Love, and how God’s goodness is reflected by all people. And these new views have opened up wonderful opportunities for her to interact with people from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, faiths, and age groups.

In Brazil, Patricia helped start up an award winning social program that taught mothers living in a favela (slum) how to make beautiful handmade quilts for resale, the income from which put shoes on their childrens’ feet and gave those women a new sense of self-worth.

Underlying all of her experiences, however, is the desire to bring healing to mankind, to show each individual their God-given freedom, their real heritage, their right to happiness and health, and their inherent ability to feel God’s love.

Today, Patricia resides in Dallas, Texas (when she’s not traveling) where she is active in Prison Ministry along with her healing practice.

Lecture Title:  Breaking news: Freedom is ours now

Dave Hohle, C.S.B. – Chicago, Illinois, USA

David Hohle

When Dave was five or six years old, his mom told him that if he ever got in real trouble, he could reach out to God and God would help him.  Not long after that he found himself mid-air, falling backwards. In that moment Dave remembered his mom’s promise and reached out to God.  An idea came to him that brought that moment of terror to a harmless close, and opened for him a lifelong knowledge that he could really trust God in any situation.

Throughout his boyhood Dave experienced and witnessed many instances of God’s practical guidance and protection.  And by the time he’d graduated college, it seemed natural to let God guide the first few steps of his career.

Right out of school, Dave began work in the graphic arts, and continued to develop into promotion, marketing, manufacturing, and management.  He ended up managing production operations and advertising organizations.  Dave picked up an MBA along the way at night because he needed the skill sets.  But looking back on it, even from the start, the real work was always about patience, perseverance, intelligence, focus, problem-solving, ethics, progress, attention to detail, and learning to combine “wisdom, economy, and brotherly love” in every situation.

In around 2000, Dave rented an office part-time so he could help people through prayer.  He was only there a couple times a week, but the devotion of thought to that work seemed to open it up, and after several years he left his work in management and entered full-time into the public practice of Christian Science.  A few years later Dave applied for a seat in the 2009 Christian Science Normal Class, and then relocated, along with his wife, Carol, and their dog, Ellie, to Chicago, where he now practices and teaches.  The Hohles live in a townhome in a beautiful neighborhood just South of the Loop and right near Lake Michigan, which is some of the most beautiful and swimmable fresh water in the world!

Dave has had many experiences that demonstrated the presence and availability of God in a flash, and that in any situation, “underneath” truly, “are the everlasting arms.”

Lecture Title: Time is not a factor in your life

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Latest News

Drug Crisis, Addiction and Healing

“Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total “economic burden” of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement.”

Should We Accept Loneliness as Part of Life?

We hear about increased social isolation in the news, daily. We see groups of teenagers, seemingly together but staring into their phones instead of interacting with each other. Increased use of social media has led to heightened feelings of social isolation. Recent research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that the more time young adults spend on social media, the more likely it is for them to feel socially isolated.

Prayer and Healing: Don’t Make it Complicated

It is often human nature to want the answers to life’s agonies to be complex. I mean, the problems are complicated, right? Diseases have names we can barely pronounce, let alone understand. Layers of past emotional pain we can’t even begin to unravel. We trick ourselves into believing that if prayer is connected to healing, it must be complex. We search ourselves for hidden sins; somehow thinking that any brokenness, any cracks in our veneer will block our connection to God. We are quite certain that we need to “fix ourselves” first before we can be worthy of God’s healing or grace.

Power of Prayer – Healing Solutions

The power of prayer has been debated in the media often in the last few months. Some say prayers are valueless, but many, when faced with an untenable situation, turn to prayer for comfort and help. Merely repeating words of a prayer may not solve a life situation, but deep, heartfelt communion with God does lift us out of life’s challenges and puts us on a more steady path of good. People, communing and listening to God, have experienced healing both physically, mentally, and situationally.

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