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Discover a Stillness That Brings Rest and Healing To Our Everyday Lives

by | May 1, 2018 | Talks that Inspire

Is your life just plain busy? Has your life spun out of control?  Do you run from one place to another?  Do you wish to feel deep peace?  Inner stillness?

Taking time to be still and quiet the mayhem of our world is essential. Being still is a revolutionary thing in the busy, modern world in which we find ourselves. It centers us on a life that is divine. It functions like spiritual baptism, leading to regeneration. It refreshes and renews us in ways that help us see how we can live our lives without stress, anxiety or concern. It is at the busiest time of our lives when we need to take the most time out of our days to be still.

Being still requires listening.  This listening reaches beyond the sphere of our own thought and requires us to humbly open our thought to the healing Christ.   Hearing the Christ message each day connects us with the power that brings healing to the community and the world.  Then each day is characterized by stillness and a deep peace that allows for ready good humor, delight in the ordinary goodness of life, and a spiritual equilibrium in the face of the demands of a busy schedule. The expectation of seeing the Christ in action in our lives, renewing and inspiring, helps us to notice the good God is bringing to our lives each and every day.

Discover a stillness that brings rest and healing to our everyday lives at the Healing Solutions to Life’s Challenges 2018 event in Lake Tahoe. This free event on May 26, 2018 features inspired talks focusing on finding a deep-settled calm within ourselves that cannot be disrupted by fear. Our inspirational speakers in Lake Tahoe will give examples of how the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy have brought lasting peace and complete spiritual healing to individual lives. Our goal with these inspired talks is to encourage individuals to see life from a spiritual perspective, which can bring healing t physical, mental, and relationship issues. Join us for a day of spiritual healing end enlightenment featuring inspirational speakers Larissa Snorek-Yates, C.S., Patricia Cohan Woodward, C.S. and Dave Hohle, C.S.B.

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