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According to the news, the world can look pretty bleak. There appears to be a never ending cycle of disasters, devastation, division. But, is that the only view? Is there good news that effaces the bad news of the day? There is.

Christian Science brings the good news that frees mankind from sickness, past mistakes, injustices, poor relationships, addiction, financial circumstances, or even by what is reported by the news itself. Life doesn’t have to be one bad thing after another. We can gain a higher view of life as Spirit.

This talk, Breaking News: Freedom is Ours Now, explores the good news, the real news; how each of us can be lifted up and experience our God-given freedom. This freedom belongs to all as the children of God, Spirit.

This bold new view of life in and of Spirit, Jesus told us, couldn’t be realized with the same old thinking. It required a radical shift in thought. Jesus said, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Reality, the kingdom of heaven, is right here. Let’s shine the light of repentance on the news of the day just as Jesus did.

We need to be alert to “Breaking News”. Are we drifting along with it, or being Jesus’ kind of disciple and challenging indifference, conventional thinking, and lifting up mankind. How do we do this? Compassionately. Let’s really listen to our neighbor’s needs or to the cashier, who is pouring out his problems, with more Christly compassion. Do we merely listen and think, “I’m glad that’s not me,” or do we turn with deep love to our neighbor and walk with them out of the darkness?

As today, people during Jesus’ lifetime were looking for some good news. In many ways, they faced problems similar to today’s: sickness, disease, poverty, injustice, and religious and political factions. The regulations and customs of the day did not lift people out of their issues, but the Truth of our relationship with God did. We can, as did the people in Jesus’ time, open our thought and hearts to the good news of God’s tender care for all, and experience lasting freedom.

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