Overwhelmed by the World

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It is stating the obvious to say we are all coping with loss, grief and the unknown in today’s world. Even if you skip the barrage of daily news reports touting: mass shootings, racial tensions and injustice, climate crisis issues, human rights violations, political infighting, etc.; there is the pandemic. We’ve lived with the unknown of Covid now for more than a year. In a Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll, nearly half (45%) of American adults reported they were negatively affected by worry and stress over the virus. Some of us coping better than others, but all are coping.


There are a host of negative or bad coping responses to anxiety and fear of the unknown. Many people self medicate with excessive alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs. Over eating, over sleeping and excessive worry also top the list. Some people project their fear onto others even becoming aggressive or violent. Anytime we distract ourselves from what we perceive as fearful with an unhealthy behavior, we are turning away from Divine Mind, the all-inclusive consciousness.


While many earthly desires are pulling us this way and that, we need to anchor ourselves in our true spiritual identity. God knows only good and therefore his creation can never fear. His complete realization of His creation is whole, healthy and safe. It follows then that fear and worry are false perceptions. Within God’s conscious knowing, we cannot be afraid. Having the Mind of God, man is of “purer eyes than to behold evil” (Habakkuk 1:13).  Mary Baker Eddy reminded us: “ If God, or good is real, then evil, the unlikeness of God, is unreal.” (Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures, p. 470) God is your Mind-the only awareness, therefore there is no room for fear.


Continually remind yourself of the Bible teaching that the perfect love of God, “casts out fear.” Each of us has the right to good health and a feeling of safety and security. If you find yourself trying to exert some human control or distraction over what appears to be fear of anything, disease, political unrest, world chaos; remember the ultimate control is Divine Mind. Under the umbrella and shelter of one Mind, we are led to healthy life choices and peace. To the extent we yield to God’s love for all, we will walk in health, peace and safety.

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